John's Passing Analysis

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Needless to say, the world grew a little darker the day John passed. His tragic end triggered the commencement of my downward spiral. And this is where my story begins. John and I shared countless laughs, dreams, and ambitions together. We were incredibly close. We always talked about coming back home after our graduate studies to play our roles in rebuilding the country. “We can sit on our butts undifferentiated from the arm-chair whiners or we could actually stand up and be the change,” John said once. He was an undeniable source of inspiration for me personally, and he made me have high hopes for and belief in Nigeria. On account of this, John’s passing was rather hard for me to swallow and it took a tremendous toll on me. The day the news of John’s passing reached me remains one of the saddest days of my life. It is a day I will never forget. It was a Wednesday afternoon. I had decided to skip classes that morning and spent most of the day…show more content…
This story has also shown me the importance of narrative theory in the development of a story and the development of connection with audiences. It sheds light on the patient-physician empathic engagement Dr. Charon (2001) discussed in her article (p. 1898). According to Dr. Charon (2001), narrative skills such as close reading, reflective writing, and authentic discourse can improve the care of professionals towards their clients through systematic and rigorous training. Applying these narrative skills to one’s daily life would immensely improve one’s daily interpersonal engagements. My personal story has made me realize the importance of good mental health to the one’s overall well-being. The article by Dr. Lynn Harter et al sheds a little light on how mental health workers could reach additional places that were hitherto inaccessible through the mobile health clinics
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