My Life Story: The Real Story Of My School

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I am finding out a way, how to start this real story of my life but anyway here it goes,
Hello, My name is Mayur Sharma & I study in standard 9th
Same like all kids I never liked going to school at all that is because of three main reasons – my unattractive looks, not so famous personality & younger in comparison to all my class mates ... but wait seems like something is missing, it’s my never going to study attitude or should i say poor studying abilities... I also have an elder brother, the reason I don’t really like him much because he is cool, smart & foremost reason is “He has a girlfriend” & I never had one.... Stop !! Stop!! Stop !! Let’s not make my life story sounds depressing as it has all fun that a school guy can ever imagine.... I moved into a different branch of my school which has bigger play ground, big building, gigantic canteen, sexy girls with short skirts, hell lot of students, hot teachers and last of all contaminated /dangerous/smart/fit/muscular senior boys.
First day at school, I was sitting quietly in the right hand corner of my class. What I get to see a hot girl in saree enters the class room and she happens to be our class teacher.... I don’t know why do i feel that, I have extra hormones in me, may be cause I cannot resist at times.( Opps !! That’s not me who cannot resist).. She came in introduced all of us & then cursor was on me, i somehow described myself like this “Ma.. ma.. Myself Mayur Sharma & i study in class 9th thanks” whole class
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