Personal Narrative: My Greatest Success In Life

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For me, the greatest success in life was to see my parents proud to attend my graduation. So simple, yet the struggle to be graduated wasn’t that simple.

I was the first child of three siblings. My Mother is an honorary teacher, while my Father is a trader. Dad 's difficult life made him a firm Father. He didn’t hesitate to yell, beat, or even repel his children if we make any mistake. I hate him. Until one day, I realize that all he did was for our own goodness.

Since childhood, my siblings and I has become accustomed to produce money. We once sold chicken eggs, nata de coco, cassava chips, soda drinks - anything sell-well. While another friend can wake up at 6 am, we have to get up at 3 am for helping Mom wrap the wares. If we don’t have
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Campus life is great, yet it takes tremendous energy and persistence to survive. For students like us, we’ll do everything for tasks. We woke up at midnight, stay up until morning, even scolded by boarding mother for receiving guests until late night for teamwork. Sometimes, we went to campus at night for free wifi, though we knew that the cold air of Bandung will makes us catch a cold in the next day.
I didn’t live in an apartment. In the first year, I had to share a room with two other students in a rickety room located at the end of a narrow alley. Our room was on the 2nd floor. So we have to climb a steep stairs with a slope of 600 and 35-cm-wide footing every day. Our room’s door always rang when opened. The floor was screeching, the roof leaked, and the smell of rats is everywhere. At nightfall, the rats were free to roam the room and can easily bite our toes whenever they want. In this boarding house, there are only two bathrooms for 22 residents. The floors were mossy, the water was turbid, snails everywhere. I am surrender and accepted it all as a consequence for insisting on going to college. After all, I was ready, even for the worst
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