My Life: The Importance Of Core Values

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I as a person have allot of values in life, for me core values mean allot the way I define core values is being the essential fundamental principles of a person or group. These values precept and decree behavior and can support people in understanding and recognizing the difference between right and wrong in certain situation in life, depending on your values. For this reason exercising and identifying my core values in life is seen as a vital entity in order for me to become more self-aware, while allowing me to distinguish my strengths and weaknesses through these values. Furthermore, identifying my core values is an imperative as an exercise of self-awareness due to the fact that by becoming more self-aware I think it would help me create more happiness. This is important because who doesn’t want to be happy in life? No one for that reason happiness can be achieved once inner peace is attained, and for me that is only possible if I am self-aware. Being self-aware tome is important because it can help me understand other people because you would be more aware of my personality, strength, weakness, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in life. By becoming more self-aware I know I would be more able to make changes in the thoughts and interpretation I make in my mind on a daily bases. And once I can do this I could allow myself to change the interpretation in my mind and allow myself to change my emotions. This is a goal in my life that I want to slowly achieve on an every day

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