My Life: The Most Important Decision In Life

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What is the most important decision in life? Is it where you want to live, who you want to live with, or is it if you should have children? All of these questions are important, but none of these questions are the most important. The most important question in life is what you want to do as a career, for your career will determine how you can answer the other questions in your life. As a student, with two years left of free education, I will soon have to make a decision on what my answer to this question is. Currently, I believe I want to become an aerospace engineer. This career will require me to go to a prestigious school, and a school of this scale will require a strong SAT for me to be accepted. The SAT test allows students to be ranked based on their strengths and weaknesses in reading, grammar, and math. Soon I will take a Pre-SAT (PSAT) test which allows me to see where I need to improve to do well on the SAT. In order to become an aerospace engineer I must analyze the career, improve my PSAT, and practice life skills. To begin, I must analyze my career and see if it is a good fit for me. This job, I believe, is a good fit for me because it is work that is done on computer design programs which I love to use, but the career will also require full time or overtime work to meet deadlines. Long hours may prove tiresome; however, long hours are to be suspected in any job I would go after. The degree will require me to go to college for 4 years for a bachelor 's

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