My Life: What I Want To Be A Teacher

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Throughout my life I could never figure out what i wanted to be when I grew up. I changed my mind so many times because there are so many good opprotunities in the world that i can choose from. I was stuck on three options. Either to become a teacher, police officer, or a nurse. The silly thing is each of them change everytime I bumped up a new chapter in grade school. It 's so many funny stories that come along with when i change my mind with each of the choices I was desciding on. Being a teacher came about when I was in elementry school. When I got into elementry school, I loved all of my teachers. I always thought to myself, " what would it be like if i was a teacher". I always would say that I would be the nicest teacher in the world. My favorite thing to do in school was to read. Having books in school was my favorite thing because I enjoyed learning new stories. Every chance I got I wanted to go to the library and get a new book to bring back to the teacher to tell her about it. I was more of a teacher 's pet.Everything was always in order when i was in school. I liked everything to be neat just like the teacher did. Straight As were one thing and keeping everthing neat was the other. I was very smart and liked to take charge as if I was a teacher myself. I use to think being a teacher had so many advanages. I could have a nice class of small children teaching them and handing out candy when ever a student got an answer right. Things changed when I got into 6th

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