My Life With The Wave Analysis

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In “My life with the Wave” poem that is written by Octavio Paz, he speaks about the phases a couple goes through when in love and how jealousy eventually ended the relationship, a passion that turned cold. The surrealist prose poem is a story stating the elements of love and hatred running through the relationship amid the narrator and the wave, which are both, physical and emotional. The wave is conferred with human qualities and the wave signifies a woman. This paper will focus on jealousy and how it is normal and healthy in a relationship unless it goes too far, that’s when it becomes unhealthy.

In “my life with the wave”, the narrator describes the many traits of a woman in love and slowly moved by raging desires and lastly, the altering moods a woman first, the presence of the wave describes the begging of a new relationship which brought the narrator a passionate atmosphere of love, fondness, and desire. Basically, a happy one but unfortunately Later on, the wave shows preference of the company of the fish, he previously got her that led him to becoming a envious lover. Jealousy backs its head in this unusual love matter. The characters faced the dilemma of whether to move past the jealousy or to end the bond. Jealousy definitely signals an unhealthy need for control, it leads the suspicious partner to seek to limit anything in the other partner’s life that does not include him or her, such as; time spent with family, friends, independent hobbies.

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