My Literacy Teacher

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The two literacy narratives I used were my classmate, Devin Chaffin, and Yutaro Hosoda from DALN. During class Devin talked about his 3rd grade English teacher. His English teacher’s name was Ms. Lucas and she taught at Hebron Elementary. When he was young he used to stutter. He was an excellent student in math, and strive to do as well in writing and reading. His teacher Ms. Lucas tutored him in English. Even while he was recovering from surgery she still came to tutor him. His reading level that year rose two letters from a B to a D. She has since then passed away, and he wish he got to know her better. Devin accredits Ms. Lucas for him wanting to pursue a career in education, and become a teacher. He enjoys writing poem and wrote a poem…show more content…
My dad started taking me to the library when I was two years old. He took me to the library for the children’s programs. We would go for the activities, story time, and to check out books. The books we checked out, since at that age I couldn’t read, he would read the books to me at bedtime. In 2001, a new library was built on the next street. This library was bigger and better, there were three floor instead of two floors that the old library had. When I was in the first grade, I got my first library card when I was in the first grade, I was excited to be able to check out any book I wanted by myself. I enjoyed sitting in child’s reading gazebo, to read my favorite Berenstain Bears books. In a couple of years, in third grade I signed up for the reading program. I read all summer long, every four hours read, I would get a prize. I sign for the summer reading program until the seventh grade. I always went to the library to get a book, when I needed to do a book report. When I was younger I enjoyed going to the library several times a week, now I usually go once a week and occasionally on Sundays when they are open. I have always enjoyed going to the library, sometimes if the weather is nice, I will walk to the library. I also go to the libraries to get some movies and music. I have recently used the library for test books, and information on scholarships. I also enjoy when the library, usually every year
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