My Little Bit Of Country Essay

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The world keeps changing but there is always a surprise to be had. We think we have figured out the human mind, but then we find out we haven’t. Humans are way different than we thought. There are two different types of people in this world. The suburban-people and the city-people. We live in a modern society but it is not all humans who want to live in the modern society. Post modern society has a huge impact on some individuals. This is reflected in Susan Cheever’s essay”My little bit of country”. Susan Cheever, an American writer is the sender of the essay “My little bit of country” (2012). Susan Cheever is subjective through the whole essay and her essay is chronological structured. She begins with a flash back about her summer mornings in Central Park as a child with her father. Already after reading the first few lines of the essay, we quickly understand how Susan Cheever feels about her family lifestyle. She describes her family as a “disappointingly ordinary” and she feels like she had come from another exotic foreign place. The life in…show more content…
suburban life. Life has not always been as it is today. The world has moved from the suburban life to city life but there are still people who want the whole suburban life back. Some people want quiet surroundings and a calm place where they can escape from all unnecessary noise and some people want the city life, because they feel comfortable and safe. As it is said, there are two different people in the world. The country people and the city people. The country people are more the older people who don’t want the big city life but the suburban life, so they can enjoy the noise of the nature. The young people are those who want the big city life, because there are more opportunities in the city. Young people have also become more curious. They want to experience many different things and the only way to do that is by choosing the big city
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