Masculinity Monologue

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my little spoon: get out of the house and have some fun babee me: but i dont want to :( i press send to armin while tubs of ben and jerrys ice cream lay in a pile next to my bed as desperate housewives play in the background. You can say that i might have lost myself in lazy boy hell after Armin left me two days ago. I just finished season two of desperate housewives and i plan to finish half of the next season by tognith and nothing by any circumstances will stop my binging. my little spoon: for me? this boy knows how to play me. me: ugh fine i sigh and walk over to my closet, stepping over my pile of blankets and throw on black skinny jeans with converse and a dark blue shirt with a grey sweater and light blue jacket on top. Deciding that…show more content…
The sound of coffee meeting cup echoes through the dimly lit room along with the tapping of my foot on the wooden floors. In an attempt to break the awkward silence i clear my throat, but the man just raises his bushy eyebrows at me and sets a cup in front of me. "It'd be an understatment to say that im happy to see you back here again." He says as he pushes his large chair back to stand and stalk arund his desk towards me. "But..." He trails off, "I do wonder why you are here." He asks, taking a sip of his coffee in confusion. "Well Erwin, i think i can ask you the same thing." I lean back in my chair with my arms crossed. "Well Eren." He mocks me, "I do own this coffee shop." He laughs. "Just because I took off some time for personal reasons doesnt mean my name isnt still signed uner this shop." "And just because I took off some time for personal reasons doesnt mean Im not allowed here." I mimick him. "Oh no, its not that Eren. Your welcome here anytime, im just confused since last time you were here i recall you saying something along the lines of, "I want to quit. I hate this job and i never want to come back." I sit there, embarrased, as a flashback of me a few weeks ago play in my mind . "uhh..." "Im just asking Eren, dont be so tense." Erwin laughs at me. "i-i'm sorry i actually dont know why im here." I say sternly as i stand up from my chair and head to the door. "Your welcome back anytime, Eren. Dont forget that." Erwin says as he hands me a white envelope. "Whats this?" I question the gift, flipping it over in my hands. "Your last paycheck," He explains, "Have a good day,
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