My Love And Basketball

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To me what is real is everything, the water is real, the air is real, and god is real to me. To me everything is real its not like all this is a dream inside my head or that my life is like a movie in which someone can control what happens to me and the people I care about. Everything is real and nothing is made up. My parents are real and so is my little sister and all my friends. Basketball is real its not like when I play basketball someone is controlling me like a video game no I’m the one in control of how I play while I’m in the game. The scholarship that was given to me to come to Bacone to play college basketball is real its not like someone or something made it all up and that my scholarship doesn’t exist, my scholarship is a real object in which I have earned in the countless number of hours I have trained to play basketball to perform at my highest level. The world around me is crazy and that anything can happen in a split second. When I mean anything can happen I mean good things can happen or even bad things that could affect my life forever but most of the time it is a mix of good and bad in which I have to overcome. Many of the time I have no control on how the world around me affects me. One day I can get a call from a sports agent saying he wants to sign me to play professional basketball overseas or I can get a call saying one of my family members have passed. The world around me can affect my whole life in a matter of seconds. But I accept on how the world
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