My Love Changed My Life

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I have learned that I had to stand on my own two feet and take responsibility for myself when realized my first love changed the nature and my last love changed my life. My life may not be going the way I planned but it is going exactly the way God planned it. My life is not the matter of mile stories but it is the value of moments that will never return again.
It was 18th July 1994 and it was rainy seasoned. My mother had a terrible labor pain and she was brought to Clinic Damo, Klang. That’s the moment, I born in this world as a cute baby. I was gently placed on my mother’s chest and I grabbed her fingers with my tiny little hands. My dad loved my mother a lot. He came to brought us back to house. The moment he saw us, he became the happiest man. He kept me in his arm and kissed me with the tender of love and care. There was a big baby naming ceremony on the day I reached house from clinic. Everyone waited outside of the house to receive us. They rejoiced my birth with cheering and screaming when saw me. He had selected a name for me and announced it on the day. He named me Thanya that means the most beautiful princess of kingdom. As I grew up, everyone started to praise me that I am the lucky charm of my family. Most of them will come to my house to meet me before they started something good with a trust that my luck will bring the same luck to them. Luck was not because of me. My dad has created the luck by giving a best name for me. My dad was my superhero. He never

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