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Unlike most love stories this one didn 't happen so sudden. Growing up I always wanted to be a doctor whether it was a vet or surgeon or psychiatrist. Everything changed in the Spring of 6th grade, when I saw my friend play Annie in the musical Annie. At that moment I knew that I wanted to do musical theatre. My first musical was very nerve wrecking and I didn 't think I was a good actress, but after the show people told me I was good. Over time I became better and better at acting and the singing and dancing part just came natural to me. I started helping out with backstage stuff and learned to not only love, but be good at makeup, costumes, sets, sounds, and lighting. I love every aspect of musical theatre and i cant wait to get better and better at it.

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I have been singing my whole life. I’ve been in choir since grade school and always sang at school talent shows. I also used to have a vocal instructor. For about a year or two, I was in a band called Compl!cated where I was the lead singer. My band performed at parties, school dances, and a local talent show. We were even offered a contract from a company that manages music and modeling. Another time I got offered something for my voice, was when I sang the Star Spangled Banner at an accounting banquet. A woman with a show in Chicago asked me to sing on her show that has about 2,000 people who watch it, but I refused the offer. Now, although I love to sing, dancing is fun too. My favorite games are Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance. I took dance for 9 years and was part of 2 different dance companies. My favorite styles of dance were jazz and hip hop, but I also did ballet, contemporary, lyrical, and tap along with a few classes of square dancing, the salsa, bachata, cumbia, and

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