My Love For Basketball: The Life Of Basketball

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When I woke up that morning, I had a good feeling about the day ahead of me. I mean, it was my sixth birthday after all. All of my friends for school were coming over for a party later in the day, but more importantly, my role model was coming. Jack Yungblut, a budding lacrosse player, had always been someone that understood the way I thought or my interests. When everyone began arriving for the party, I became invested in the festivities. Cake, ice cream, and candy filled my head. I always had the childish notion that birthday parties were all about the festivities, and I became so invested in how many gifts I got that I forgot to realize how instrumental one gift became for me. Jack gave me my first lacrosse stick, and instantly I fell in love with the game. I wanted to play like him, live like him, and succeed like him. But, my love for this new game came in immediate conflict with my other love, basketball. My dad had played basketball for his entire young life and his whole high school career. I have heard countless stories of basketball from my dad, stories of triple doubles and overtime wins, and I wanted to have those experiences for myself. I joined my first basketball team at seven years old, and I played in leagues ever since. I played on rec team after rec team, even trying travel one season. I went to camps at various colleges in order to better my craft. I spent years trying to better my game, and all the while, my lacrosse stick has been gathering dust. The
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