My Love For Education

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I have always liked to know why things happen, and then, I love explain those things to someone, teach him. When I was younger, I used to pretend to be the teacher while playing with my little sister; I liked giving her homework, ask her questions, tests, teach her different stuffs. Since I was little I have felt attracted to educate, transmit my knowledge to others, but first it is necessary learn, and then teach. My school really helped with that, with its educational model Gourdieff, I developed love for learning new things, from different areas, I gained motivation for knowledge. When I graduated from school, I was awarded as the “Etievan spirit”, prize that reflect my personality; respectful, honest and also confirms my love for learn. Additionally I received the “Best athlete” award due to my contribution as a Volleyball player, sport I have practices my whole life.
My desire to know everything and learn more, added to the trips to the south of Chile with my family every summer, led me to study Agriculture, in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. A very wide career, with many different areas of study, such as math, biology, genetic, statistics, physics, among others. A world full of things to learn and discover.
During college, I did not let go the desire of teaching, I did science and math classes to students from my school, and I was the teacher assistant in two different courses of University; Crop Pathology and Crop Production. But college was not just
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