My Love For Mechanical Engineering

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The world of Automobile has enlivened my dreams from childhood. My love for automobiles began when I met at age of 8, my aunty who runs garage. I once visited her garage along with her. I had seen men working under car and getting their hands dirty. I was astonished by their work and their effort they put in for repairing the automotive. I wondered whether girls can handle cars. I asked the same question to my aunt and she encouraged me that made it easy at an early age for me to pursue my education in the field of Engineering In my 7th grade ,when I was given a science project to work I decided to do something in the area of automobile and that turned into actions. At that point I decided that, amidst automobiles is going to be my world of work. This boosted me up when I received the appreciation from the principal. Each day me reasons to strengthen my will and decision through various activities in Mathematics and Science . As my mind was always into engineering, I chose Mathematics Physics and Chemistry as my stream of further study . This opened gates to my dream career engineering . I got a seat in Malla Reddy Engineering College, one of the best Engineering Colleges in the the state of Telangana, India. I considered this as an opportunity to translate my passion of Mechanical engineering to reality . The 1st year of engineering subjects like Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics proved me right. I was given a chance to think like a engineering. With lot of
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