My Love For Reading Essay

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Many children used the dreaded reading groups in elementary school to define their love or hatred for reading. Depending on the group you were placed in, you were labeled “smart” or “dumb”. However, as a homeschooled elementary school student, I never had the horrific reading group experience, and quickly developed a passion to read early on in life. As I dive into this paper, my goal is to present my love for reading, and why, at one point in my life, I began to despise it.

I vividly remember hiding my books when I heard my mom heading to my room, making sure I was doing math instead of reading. Memories of her taking my books, therefore requiring me to finish homework, also fill my mind. I can also clearly remember days of laying out in our driveway with my book. These pleasant experiences I believe contribute to the desire to read. Young Adult author Joyce Hansen states that “Children will insert themselves into a story as the writers and readers imaginations interact, creating a wonderful and satisfying experience for the reader.” (Hanson). I love this quote, because I believe this is exactly what I was doing as a child. This quotes sums up what reading allows you to do. It allows you to create a story the way you want it to be created. You get to envision how the characters look, the setting of the story, and the emotions
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I never had to suffer through the reading groups, nor was I labeled by a group name. I was able to create my own reading experience, and for that I will forever be grateful. As a result of my high school experience, it is unfortunate that it has ruined reading for me. I do believe that if I have more time once my education experience is over, I may potentially try to pick reading back up, but as of now, it has taken a back burner. I love the opportunities that reading has provided for me, and I hope that I find a new passion for it later in
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