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I 've always been fascinated by the art of telling stories.
The main reason I 'm passionate about musical theatre is that I find it to be one of the best ways to tell stories. The combination of music and acting creates for me something that no other form of art form can create. The more musicals I watch the more I find how interesting, innovative this combination can be, and the more I feel a burning need to be a part of it.
But despite the fact I was interested in acting and singing for most of my life, I felt insecure about it and therefore tried to deny it, hoping my love for theatre would go away. Instead, I focused on a different passion I have, which also has to do with telling stories – writing.
I wrote my first novel and sent it to
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Some shows leave me speechless, or smiling like a kid, or in tears – which as exactly what I hope to be able to do for viewers someday. As I study in one of the greatest schools of arts in Israel, I always try to learn from my friends, the theatre and music majors but also the dancing and drawing majors. I appreciate the fact I study in such a creative place, surrounded by talented students, and the experience it gave me in leading big projects such as short films I 've directed and acted in, and working in teams, learning how to collaborate. Most importantly, it made me an open-minded, ready to learn and improve, person and artist.
My main at the moment goal is first of all to learn as much as I can about the field of musical theatre and improve my skills as much as possible, while enjoying the art of acting and singing. After that, I hope to be able to express those abilities in professional theatres across the United Kingdom and maybe even outside of it. Though I cannot but care for glamorous titles such as "the west end" of "Broadway", I wouldn 't mind working at any theatre as long as I 'm surrounded by talented people, who know how to tell a good story through stage, and as long as I am given the opportunity to do

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