My Love Of Love

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Through the horrible miseries and stupid stumbling love i found the treasure ensure in a common sheet, where nobody touches. The person I love is not a prince who will count along with his pricey possessions and put me into stake. I don’t want go around the world with him in processions but I can find my world around him. And if he’s scared to fly we can put up kites in the sky. I want to be the queen of a common man. I want to be yours, yours in my as well as your ways. I have changed ways and reasons of loving you. I love you because the sky is blue and clouds are above. I see that you are romantic, romantic enough to hold me in your slender arms, you don’t seem strong but you are. You are that tough from within that only gravity can hold you straight.
You are exciting and tiring at the same time. You are difficult and easy. You are like sand in a fist and air in a container. You slip off, you are hard to get hold off. And i am loving this chase. I know somewhere in the wincing dumb nights you want me near you. i know you are not impossible you are just trying to be. Challenges come around in the way of love but love knows how to kick them out.
I am turning i am changing
The lights are impalling
Veil the colours oh my dear,
Let no one see
Who loved whom?

May 23 2014,
But what if you are not you in actuality? Remember I am not going to stay , I will not correct those of your flaws that give me scars. I will not bleed and let you go free . You will receive more of it .

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