Reflective Essay: My Love For Reading In Elementary Schools

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Growing up, I didn 't always love to read or to do anything with literature. I used to think that people who loved to read were the super smart students and I would envy them because they got to enjoy reading while I would often struggle with the texts. In Elementary school, I remember we would have to do assessments to see where we were when it came to our reading level and I would dread that day because I always felt like I was reading not at my grade level. However, it wasn’t until I was placed in this program by one of my teachers when my love for reading began to take off. At first, it was weird when the classroom that I was placed with barely had any students but they explained to us that they were there to help excel with our reading.…show more content…
I could personally related to this book because much of her experience sounded similar to what my parents faced during the civil war that was happening in there country. I’m still thankful to this day that I was placed into the program because my spark into reading began after being in that class. Over time, there’s been many stories and articles that have helped shaped me who I am today. For instance, a deep connection to a written language would have to be The Politics of Black Women hair by Althea Price. I deeply connected to this book because this book primarily talked about how there’s racist deceptions about afro-textured hair along with how young black women often try so hard to fit in with their peers who often fall into peer pressure of straightening their hair. This reading related my life so much because I was that girl who would fall into that peer pressure and felt like I wasn’t as worthy enough if my hair isn 't straight. It took me a long time to love who I am and embrace my hair texture but that book was what motivated me and changed my
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