My Love Story Analysis

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ynopsis Sumana is an unmarried IT professional who dreams of a charming prince to love her madly and marry her. No man in her life has managed to impress her with the kind of qualities she expects and she remains single even after 27 years of age which worries her mother a lot as in Indian wedding market her demand will start to decline if she is not married soon. She searches for potential grooms and insists Sumana to consent to marry any of them but Sumana rejects them for silly reasons. Sumana has a dislike towards relationship before the wedding after witnessing the tragic ending of her college mates’ love stories due to the intervention of the boys’ parents who are against love marriage. They were ready to lose their self-respect to get back their loved ones not accepting that they have failed. She owes not to fall for any man in her life and lose her dignity like them. Sumana faces several problems in her current job forcing her switch to a new job. She joins her new company and meets a guy named Ganesh who is three years younger to her. She did not like him in the beginning due to his harsh nature but she somehow understands that though he is rude he is not as bad as she thinks. Sumana and Ganesh share a good professional bond and she is impressed with him as he had qualities of her dream boy. Sumana is one day badly insulted by Ganesh in front of her friends and he did not bother to realize what he did to her. Sumana despite being a self-esteemed woman, did not
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