Personal Narrative: My Mother's Home

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I was in so much hurry to leave my mother’s house because I couldn’t keep on faking I was on good terms with my little sister after she had bitched herself with the father of my children. I had no money too; because I had stopped working as a teacher since I started shaming myself publicly with Myron. I felt he was worth giving up, on everything for him. For God’s sake, Myron had given me the greatest shock of my life as I caught him with my sister, doing her from behind. My favourite style too! I just couldn’t get that scene out of my mind. I was once his inamorata, I had been enamored and twitter pated with Myron’s love so much that I had thrown caution to the wind. I guess I should have caught caution from the wind in time. I never knew…show more content…
I was too ashamed and shy to take him there personally so I gave him to Isabel to take him there. I gave my sweet boy a long kiss and signed him to give me a call when he got to granny. He smilingly turned to put his tiny hands in Isabel’s hand and they left.
After some hours, Isabel came to the house and told me they were met by Myron who took my boy home.
“W.H.A.T??????” I quizzically asked her and guiltily stared at her. Maybe she went to have sex with him again. Who knows! I hated my sister now with passion.
I had no option but to personally go and get my boy. It was obvious he was drawing me to his house using my boy. I had refused to talk to him since I left his house and it was just a week. He had tried so many times to talk to me through Isabel’s phone but I never agreed to talk to him. He even got me angrier when he called through Isabel’s phone. He had come to my house but never had the guts to enter because of my mother and would send Isabel to come and call me but I never went. So it was so obvious he had got me in his soup now using our
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“I didn’t mean that! I am talking about love here! They are the ones he loves and they show him love too. Let’s just not quarrel over this. You can have access to him too; after all he is your son but let him do the decision who he would want to be with.”
“That’s fine. I have no problem with that! It’s good you came! I have missed you! Ever since you left me, I have never been the same again!” He came closer and kissed me! I withdrew myself from him in time and slapped him with all the anger I had in me.
“What makes you think you can kiss me without permission!” I asked him in a calm way. just then, he raised his hand to retaliate but I angrily blocked it with my hand as I withdrew my steps and told him not to ever dare hit me again else I would not hesitate to report him to the women and domestic violence. At least, I knew Nana Oye Luther was there to defend me. A lawyer who fought for women’s right. I just didn’t understand why a man would want to keep hitting a woman. It was like some demon that possesses them or something. When a man slaps you for the very first time and you don’t take measures soon enough, he always wants to hit you when he feels like
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