My Love Story

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I was in so much hurry to leave my mother’s house because I couldn’t keep on faking I was on good terms with my little sister after she had bitched herself with the father of my children. I had no money too; because I had stopped working as a teacher since I started shaming myself publicly with Myron. I felt he was worth giving up, on everything for him. For God’s sake, Myron had given me the greatest shock of my life as I caught him with my sister, doing her from behind. My favourite style too! I just couldn’t get that scene out of my mind. I was once his inamorata, I had been enamored and twitter pated with Myron’s love so much that I had thrown caution to the wind. I guess I should have caught caution from the wind in time. I never knew things could turn sordid so fast. I had only been with him for months and all these wicked experiences had to happen in months? Anyway, I was now determined to forget him forever and never to set eyes on him ever if not for the sake of our children. We forget! Yes! We do forget people but with time. It was so over with us. I mean, you can’t keep hurting a person and expect them to keep on loving you. That even explained why Shiela had completely given up on him; and now it was my turn to give up on him also. Now I had started missing my real husband. The one I got married to in a church. The one who adored me and made me feel loved. Since that last time he came with my mother to fight Myron in his house; he had never called me till now.

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