My Love Story With Grandpa

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Grandma! Grandma! We have to write a love story for school and I have thought that you can tell me about your love story with Grandpa. Why do you always say that your story with grandpa is different and special? Oh, Mario! I thought you would never ask me. I’m going to tell you about the hardest time of my life. The day when I met your Grandpa. Catherine was happy, because that story was very memorable for her and she wanted to tell about it to Mario. >> When Jack and I were children, the society was different, there were a lot of conflicts and wars. The father of Jack was Liberal, but no just a Liberal supporter,, he was the leader of the Liberals. He was the General Concha. .I didn’t know about him and I didn’t know that my father was also a leader, but the leader of Carlist, so they were enemies. In 1874 I was 16 and my father was very missing lately, my mother says that he was working but they never told me what was that work. One day, my father came back, but no to stay. He came and I remember his words. He said “I love you, you are my happiness, and I don’t know if I will see you again, so I want to give you this. If I never came back you will have that and you will remember me” he gave me one amulet, this one. I have never taken it off. He went and it happened, the Battle of Abarzuza started. I listened unbearable noises during two days, two scary and horrible days. Sometimes when my mum wasn’t in the same room as me I looked out the window but I never saw
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