My Major Accomplishments

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I used to think my main accomplishment in life was graduating high school, mainly because I was the first person in my family to do so. However, since graduation, I have realized there are many more important things I intend to accomplish in life. In the last two or three years, I have changed my mind many times about goals I have set for the future. At twenty-one years of age, I have maintained being a full time student who commutes approximately an hour to school and back each way, working anywhere from 16-28 hours per week; which I have maintained the same job for nearly four years with praise from many of my superiors, in addition to maintaining the relationships of family and friends who support me. I believe the passion I have from school came from my current job, which is why I changed my major from liberal arts to business.…show more content…
I now have one summer class left before earning my Associates degree from Ivy Tech in Business, while continuing to earn my Bachelor’s degree at Saint Joseph’s College. For the first time ever, I am considering continuing my education further to earn a Master’s degree. I now have ideas for my own companies I never imagined. However, I know as time goes on my ideas for the future may change, as they have since high school. As a result, I would consider my main accomplishment to date to be persistent growth while tenaciously finishing my schooling despite many challenges I have faced, and have yet to face, I refuse to quit. Therefore, I am hopeful to be awarded this scholarship to assist my education and eventually my future
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