My Management Philosophy Statement: The Philosophy Of Management

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My Management philosophy statement is the same as from the beginning of the class, which was all managers have the responsibility to make decisions to oversee an entire company. Especially, the board of directors defines the policy which is carried out by the chief executive officer of the CEO. Management still means organization, responsibility, and leading a group or organization to great success no matter what the cost. A leader is also communicating with others and setting goals for that company or organization. That has not changed for me at all. Through this course it has shown me that managers display consideration behavior of leading. (Griffin). Simon Sinek states, "A leader's job is not to the work of others, it's to help others figure out how doing it themselves, to get things done, and to succeed beyond what they thought possible" (Sinek). I totally, agree with this quote that ties in with my philosophy about management. A leader is to work as a team not to do the work of the organization or the company. Meaning that the employees should work with the manager to…show more content…
Communication is the main key to success to a business. For example, my dad has a sonic and has meetings every single day to communicate what he expects for today and the activities that are coming up. He has meetings which consist of the goals and expectations he wants to see in ever employee. This is a great sign of a great leader who communicates with his employees. The quote that comes to mind is by James Humes, "The art of Communication is the language of leadership" (Humes). I believe this is true in any company without communication there is not leadership in that company. My dad employees learn a lot through the communication from the manager which is my father. If the employees did not communicate with my dad, then the store would end up in chaos not understanding what is going on in the everyday work
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