The Importance Of Family To Me

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My mandala represents me in many different ways. It displays six things that are important to my personality, life, to who I am.
Family. Family to me doesn’t just mean the people your related to, because family to me means people who are there for you when you need them and your also there for them, it’s when nobody has your back you know that you can still count on them. My biological family isn’t like that at all really, I’m not close with them none of us really are so I don’t really consider them what family is to me. I always say I don’t have friends, I only have family and everyone else are acquaintances or just people I know. I only consider 2-5 people my family and that’s it. I have had a lot of friends but along the way I realized that not everyone wants the best for you, not everyone wants you to succeed, or as crazy as it may sound they just don’t want you to be
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Loyalty and trust to me is very important, loyalty and trust those are the most important thing to me. “Forgive and forget” is what some people say but Forgiveness to me is not an easy thing to give and forgetting is even harder. I have had people that I thought were my family break my trust many times. People that i thought were my best friends, and I never thought they would go behind my back and stab me. They say it’s because they care and they wanted the best for me and maybe, maybe they did or do but the pain of knowing they did something behind my back and finding out by another person is terrible, makes you feel like you can’t ever trust someone again. And when someone else comes along you don’t know if you can believe them and trust them or maybe in reality they’re just using you and talking about you behind your back. Those kind of things are what make someone be depressed or have anxiety or etc. Loyalty and trust is very important to me and if you break that I’ll probably never forgive you even if I say I do, but it’s something I’m working on and trying to get better
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