My Mandala Research Paper

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Many people have things that they hold close to their heart. Whether it’s memories that they share with significant people or symbols that indicate important things in a person’s life. Factors that have important have importance to me are my family, dance, the Los Angeles Dodgers, art, my cell phone and music. These factors all make me the person that I am today and are representing me on my mandala. For me, family always comes first.They are always there for me and support me along with the choices I make. On my mandala, my family is represented by a heart with initials inside of it. The first initial, A, is for my dad. My dad is the protector of the family. He is always looking out for me and gives me advice whenever I need it. My dad works his butt off at work and I appreciate that from him. He also gave us a house to live under and he makes sure that there is always food on the table. The next inicial, C, is for my mom. She cares for everyone in my family and makes sure that I get home safe from school. My mom is always there to tell me what’s right from wrong. She also prepares my favorite food, which I also love and appreciate her for doing that.…show more content…
I’ve been dancing since I was in 6th grade and I’ve fallen in love with dance ever since. I stopped dancing due to a minor, but that did not interfere with my passion for dancing. I find it funny because some people don't consider dance a sport, when clearly it is because it has the same components as any other sport. My favorite genres of dance that I love dancing to are bachata (latin dance) and jazz because it really involves a lot of hip and leg work. A quote that I like is “Why walk when you can dance?” by Ellen van Dam. I believe that that quote means why be like everyone else when you can express yourself with dance. I think that dance is a great form of expression because of the way the body moves to the rhythm of the
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