Math Freak Research Paper

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“Why is that boy asking so many weird questions during class, Is he crazy?” “Why is he doing those questions that the teacher never mentioned? It is not going to be on the exam, right?”
“Why is he doing MATH!!!”

Yes, that boy doing math, is me, who had been called “Math-freak”’ since the primary school.

Everything changed rapidly when I was 9 years old. I myself, with my family, moved from Taiwan to Chengdu because of my father’s job. I had nothing when I first came to Chengdu. When I attend to my new primary school here, I had a huge challenge to adjust the surrounding environment. I am totally an outsider, since I have no friend, no same topics, no same culture, no same common sense.

But there is one thing I own.

The thing I owned was
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When I was doing this problem, I know that I am enjoying math.

After tasting a couple of math questions like that, I recognised that I am addicted to it. I began to desire more and more questions that can make my mind really ‘move’. So, in the next two years, I started to attend different kinds of international math contests. During times and times of competition, I find out that there are plenty of benefits during the process of discovering and enjoying math. I become faster in mind, wider in sight, and make friends that also enjoy math all around the world.

After more than two years of study in the AP centre, I have to say that I was so lucky to made this decision-to join the AP centre and getting ready to study aboard. AP centre provide me the opportunity to attend a opening study environment, and give me time and resources to dig deeper into my interest. Since then, my freak in Math comes back, and became bigger. I hope, and was pretty sure that, attending college aboard will make my freak in math even larger and
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