My Math Experience: My Best Experience In Maths

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1. The earliest thing that I did in math that I can remember, would be multiplication in fourth grade. I remember we had to take a test every week and we had to fill out as many facts as we knew in five minutes, the goal was to get all 100 in five minutes. It was pretty easy since we had spent days making and studying flashcards. We also played around the world with it and I had not studied the first day, since I was not fast enough I was given a zero for participation for that day. I was devastated. I thought I was participating, the kid next to me was just really good. That was when I first noticed being really turned off by math.
2. My best experience in math, by far, would be last semester with Ms. Lorenzen in math 277. She showed me ways to do problems that I had never thought of, and taught me why math works the way it did. It was the first time in my life I had made an A in math, a high one at that too. It
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My worst math experience would be skipping a math in seventh grade. I had just moved from New York to Louisiana and my mom was convinced I was a genius and told the school I could skip math seven and go straight for algebra. I feel in that year I missed the basics of everything! I was so lost I would cry every night. I begged my mother to get me out of it and she refused and told me to deal with it. Now in New York there is the New York State Test, which is similar to the LEAP. We take it every year and it just so happened in my fifth grade year I had failed it miserably. I was put in a special education class, and was taken away from all my friends for math. It was helpful but very frustrating because the lessons were too easy. That is not the point thought, the point is, that my mom made me skip a year of math knowing that I could not handle it. I had been struggling for a while and she just came in and claimed I was gifted when I am not. The years of struggle after moving were rough, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think of math, I
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