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Carrie Underwood stated, “My cell phone is my best friend. It 's my lifeline to the outside world.” Every phone I have acquired impacted my life differently whether it be in a positive or negative way. With having many different phones before ending with the one I currently obtain. There was not one time that one phone was with me through the same experience more than once. Having the opportunity to take a family trip during spring break of 2015 was memorable. With having my phone, it allowed me to take pictures of amazing activities that happened while there. One of the memories, stands out to me and with the help of my cell phone, I can remember it for a lifetime. Meanwhile, receiving the opportunity to have your very first smartphone, after…show more content…
My Samsung Galaxy S5 has stored all my pictures downloaded, saved, or taken onto my SD card. Now I can go back at any time, like on Monday, January 22, 2018, and remember what happened. With phones improving on what they can do allows for users of electronics to be more connected to them. It is like we cannot live without them, they basically do everything for us. My phone made it easy for me to go back and look at this memory that is now one thanks to my phone. The picture was taken off one of my parent’s phones and I then received the image and saved it. Without a cellular device, we would not have the capabilities to perform such operations like saving an image. It possibly could have been lost and never seen again. In addition, without them people are not efficient in having memories to just look at really fast; at the split of the moment. People would have to sit down and go through all the photos they have printed off stored away. Instead, with many opportunities allowing user more access to such wonderful mobile devices which save everything for us. This way for something like writing this paper, it is much easier to write instead of using false information. Everyone is not forced into sitting down and making up a random story but can be useful of logos and

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