My Experience As A Reader Essay

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My experience as a reader isn 't as extraordinary as many, but I love to read. I had some great teachers throughout my education that taught me to enjoy reading challenge oneself and not be intimidated by it. Through college and today I do not have much time to read, other than school books speech, education ,and reading. Those are the sweet books I know read.
Beside all those school books I now read, I use to read books about life, and history I also lloved mystery books the ones that make one wonder and keep you guessing till the end. Of course every girl has to have at least one romantic book they fell in love with, but not me I have many.
My earliest memory of my reading was actually in 2nd grade.I had a teacher who we called Mrs. Morales.She was the most intimidating, women I ever met.I remember coming into class and she wouldn 't say a word, no Good morning nothing. She was always such a serious person. It 's actually the funniest thing now to think back, and say
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Torres.She would always tell us to read books and enter different mind sets. In an away game for Volleyball she told us to read a romantic book S unday 's at Tiffany 's and I never really read it, till a book fair came around and a book caught my eye and ironically happened to be that same book.So,I bought it and it became one of my favorite books. Books I think are powerful. Books contain so much more than just the story it 's a mindset, and by reading different books, I feel we can be alike in some ways but completely different from others. We will always have likes and dislikes, but once we start to read a book I think we can go in with an open mind set and when we finish, or if we don 't we have are own opinion. A different mindset from everybody else, and that 's extraordinary. That should say something to people and I don’t understand how some people don’t see
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