My Memoriess Of Education: My Memories Of Science

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Science has never been my strongest subject, nor my favorite. When asked why my responses usually vary slightly, but include a common theme: my interested in the content was never sparked. Although my teachers’ attempted to display enthusiasm and help me develop a love of science, I do not have many positive memories from science classes. However, some people are simply more inclined to appreciate the science in everything based on other interests they might display, but this was not the case for me. Nevertheless, I do have some positive memories from science lessons that taught me information that I can still recall. Even though my science experiences weren’t always positive, I hope that I am able to spark a love of science in my future students. My earliest memories of science are from elementary school, and include interactive activities to help us learn about the speed of sound and light. My teacher stood on one side of the playground with a drum while the students stood on the other side. As he hit the drum, we had to raise our hands when we heard the noise. This taught us how sound travels, and upon doing the same experience with a flashlight, we realized that sound travels much slower than light. Experiences like this one are included in my positive memories from science class, and I hope to be able to replicate them in the future. Because my teacher was eager to teach us this lesson, our experience as students was more enjoyable. Learning about the workings and parts

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