My Mentoring Experience

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I done a lot of things in my life that I am particularly proud of. Most of it has centered around my mentoring group. I have made many achievements in S.H.E By M.E. mentoring group. S.H.E By M.E. stands for Striving for Honorable Excellence By Making Examples. My mentoring group helped me become the confident young woman I am today. My experiences and achievements in the S.H.E By M.E mentoring group is one of the things in my life I am most proud of the most. I gained many things in S.H.E By M.E mentoring group. Learning how to communicate effectively and problem solving skills were two of the first things we learned in our group. Our mentors worked really hard in helping us build confidence within ourselves. (Talk more about building confidence)…show more content…
By M.E. age limit was 18, the group had a graduating banquet for me and the rest of the girls that were graduating as well. I was given the honor to say a speech during the ceremony. I talked about all the fun times we had, how we came together as a family, and how we all went from little girls to mature young women. Awards and chains were given out for our growth while being in the group and our mentors got to each speak about what they were proud of each of us about. It was a really proud moment for me. After I graduated from S.H.E By M.E mentoring group, I came back to be a mentor. I have had the opportunity to help girls gain confidence in themselves and have watched them break out of their shells. We have been able to find grants to take the girls on college road trips and has partnered up with Youth Outdoors. I enjoy helping girls with their situations, giving advice, and just being there for them if they need to talk. My main goal as a mentor is making sure my mentees succeed in whatever they set out to do and stay on the right path. I am so proud of what I have achieved in my mentoring group. S.H.E By M.E. taught me so many life lessons. I’m a better woman because of it. As a mentor, I now get to share what I’ve learned to help other girls. Being a mentor is something I never want to stop
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