My Michigan Hero

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My Michigan Hero “A hero is someone who gives his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Joseph Campbell wrote this about a hero.My hero is my mom Rena Zizelman,She is a little over five foot tall,she has shoulder lenght hair which is brown,and has blue eyes.My mom inspires to be i want to be because is too short.She is hero because she will tell you that everthing will be okay in the roughest times ,she will that shoulder to cry on when you need to. When Rena Zizelman was young she didn 't live in Marshall,michigan she live in a small town called Mendon in Ohio.My mom and her family live in a apartment not very big.Her family was more on the poor side but she wasen’t rich.My mom was the oldest of three. When my mom my was little she…show more content…
My mom loved softball,she had to switch schools because her school didn 't have softball,she went to parkway and switched to vantage.When my mom was high school ball she was always the pitcher and a girl went to slide into home plate my mom had the ball in her glove and the girl slide right into her hand,and my moms had swelled up but my mom still pitched.Let 's say by the end of the night her hand was the size of the softball.A few years later about her Junior year my mom met my dad Terry Leugers. Then about a year later her and my dad met my mom got pregnant and she had to drop out of high school, That 's when she moved in with my dad and started a family.Nine excruciating months later my had a healthy baby girl.Stephanie Ann Leugers was born on February 9th 1999.Three Years later my mom got pregnant again and had another healthy baby girl.Her name Is Chloe Lynn Leugers and was born on July 1st 2002.Yes my mom never got her GED but she still is my hero. “Sometimes you are a hero even if your mask is gone.”(Anne Jung)Rena Zielman is my hero because she is a shoulder to cry on and she will help you through the roughest times.She had to overcame a poor childhood and dropped out of high school.Yet she started family at a young age,but she kept moving forward. I’m thankful that my mom is in life ,she is my number one supporter and I couldn 't ask for better hero,no a
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