Mid Semester Reflection Essay

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Mid Semester Reflection
This fall has been a lot more challenging than I had expected it to be. The workload compared to last year is a big change. College is going to take sum getting use to. I am starting to learn what I need to do in order to continue to be successful. This is going to take hard work to continue to do the work necessary in order to pass all of my classes. I must buckle down so I can continue on the right path towards my degree. If i work hard now i will be able to use my degree to make my life a lot easier hopefully.
I have been doing pretty good in most of my classes staying organized. Ive tried to stay on top of things to the best of my ability but college has showed to be a true struggle. Teachers are alot diffrent this year. You have to be a lot more
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I might have to do more though because even going to the math lab a few times a week for help is still showing not to be that great for my grade in the class. I need more one on one help with the material. I also need someone i can understand most of the people that work here are chinese or another foreign ethnicity. They are almost impossible to understand. They dont explain anything at all to you they just do the equation in there head and expect you to know how they came up with the solution. I feel like this is a very big problem and i will have to change my wasys if i wanted to succeed.
College so far i feel has changed me for a better person. I have started to become more organized in all areas of my life. Colege has transferd better work habits directly into my everyday life. College has taught me so much already. Making me more independent also making me do more school work and study more often for quizzes and tests. I like the changes I am seeing for the most pasrt but the work involved is not fun. College has taught me that not everyutyhing will be fun that is good for
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