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My Mima was born on December eighteenth of 1948. She was born in Oklahoma to her mother, Margie Playford, and her father, Robert Playford. The day she was born her parents gave her the name Lesli Ellen Playford. At the time of her birth, she was their only child, but over the course of the next twelve years, she would become a big sister to three little girls, Patricia, Karey, and Julie. My Mima was born and raised in Oklahoma for the first eleven years of her life. While living in Oklahoma, her family moved around a lot because her father got different jobs. In the first eleven years of her life, her family moved about eleven times. When she was twelve her family finally moved to Texas and my grandma has been here ever since…show more content…
While speaking to her, she told me that she doesn't know what she would do without her sisters. To this day she and her sisters are still very close and talk a lot. The first time my Mima remembers her sisters impacting her life was the day her first sister, Pat, was born. She says that she vividly remembers waiting for her parents to bring back the new baby and hoping that it would be a girl. Once her sister was brought home, she says that her life was changed forever. Once her parents got divorced and she had to take care of her sisters, she learned a great deal of responsibility. My Mima also believes that taking care of her sisters helped to shape her as a mother and a grandmother. My Mima believes that helping to take care of them when they were young has permanently shaped her as a person. Without that, she says that she believes she would be completely…show more content…
My Mima says that she loved being a mom, but being a grandma was sometimes even better. Over the past twenty-one years my Mima has become a grandmother to nine grandchildren; Shelby, Raegan, Jed, Jilian, Samantha, Samuel, Jake, Felicity, and Kylie. Her grandkids span from the ages of twenty-one to two. A lot of her time since she has retired has been spent taking care of her grandchildren. She likes to take them to do many different things. Also, she takes care of us when we are sick and our parent saves to work. She enjoys spending as much time with us as she possibly can. Whether it's picking us up from school or even taking us on a trip to our family's lake

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