My Mom Is My Role Model

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My Mom is very short, she is like 5’2. My mom is amazing, strong, and brave. My mom is my role model. She thinks she’s a comedian, she is funny though. She has a cute short haircut. She’s so funny, sweet, and honest. She is so giving and she has a great personality. My mom will give you her last and that’s just the type of person she is. My mom is 40 years old and she’s a nursing assistant. My mom lost her Dad and Her Significant other. She is still strong through all the bad things and I love her for that. JaNaya and Jazmen are short too. They are something else but it’s in a good way. They both are very overdramatic and they are very conceited about themselves. They are very honest, they don’t hold their tongue’s at all. They are very funny, they make everything into a jake. They can be very annoying though but, I still love both of my sisters. JaNaya is 18 years old and Jazmen is 20 years old. JaNaya is going to college to be a Lawyer. Jazmen is going to school for cooking. Jazmen has a very bad temper and so do naya. They hate holding their tongue. These two are just so overdramatic and they cry a lot. It’s funny though because the next minute they’re happy. They are sweet though and funny. Darius is 3 months old and Regine is 21 years old. Regine loves being a mom and Darius is very spoiled it’s crazy. He loves being hold and that’s what Regine do hold him all day. Niecy had Darius August 13th. During her pregnancy she was horrible and when she went into labor it was

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