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the person that I respect and has had the most significance in my life is my own mother. my mom has inspired me to to become the person I am today. even though she doesn 't have the best of jobs or the highest pay she has held her head up high and has even accomplished the goal of raising two sons by herself a feat that most people wouldn 't be able to do. I respect my mom for not only in raising me and my brother but also in the fact that over a course of 36 years of living she has done some amazing things. For example my mom was born in Chihuaha Mexico in a small village named Venito juarez where she was raised by Irma Limones and Rafael Limones, with two sisters and a brother. When she was born into this planet she was not born into the most wealthy families in fact she was born into a very poor family. in school she had the best grades of anyone in the school and in this school it was not easy to achieve these feats. In this school there were kids who had lots of money and the best tutors and even then my mom was able to beat them in every test homework you name it. they had even sent to her to compete against other schools across mexico. Where it was not easy because she had to travel alone with the fact that her…show more content…
After highschool she had gone to a university and had gotten a masters degree but she decided not to teach the rich kids who already had every resource and opportunity to be something great in their life. Instead she decide to teach the kids that were dirt poor and had no chance of becoming what they wanted to become, because of financial problems. my mom had tought in that school for a while until she moved to the United states of America wher she had me. at the age of 25 she had me and at the age of 27 she had my brother. With me going off to highschool and my brother going to middle school it feels like the time has gone by flying, and when I 'm asked the question who is the person you most admire the most, the answer comes easy i would say my
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