Personal Narrative: My Most Important Moments In Life

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We move through life in a series of moments. These moments are when sewn together to make up are whole life story. Some moments are so powerful that they change your whole way of thinking. They are knows as defining moments of your life. They shape your personality and churn you into the person you were always intended to be. As a child I was really stubborn and I never used to listen to my parents. Whenever they stopped me from doing something I used to fight them and through tantrums. While other times I used to ignore them completely and did what I always wanted to. I used to believe that I know the best. If any on tried to give me advice I always ran the other way. My parents never gave up on me they always tried to tell me the wrong and things from the good, and how the listing to them is for my own benefit as they…show more content…
I never took their words seriously and thought they were just trying to find ways to make me obey them. One day I was sitting in my room when I heard a strange sound. Upon looking out the window I realized that my father has brought home a brand new car and was parking it in the driveway. It was a sleek black sports car with huge rims and a breathtaking exterior. The car was a piece of art. I remember all I could think about was driving this car out in the open. Such a master piece should not the be parked in the drive way. I quickly ran downstairs to ask my father if I can take it on a test drive. I got to know that this car was not my father but the company he works for has given him which he would have to return if he decided to leave. When I went downstairs he was already telling my younger sibling that this car is out of bounds and none of us would ever be allowed to use that car without his or the diver’s supervision. If anything happens to this
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