My Mom's Awesome Cold Frame Analysis

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Awesome Cold Frame If snow is covering your roads, and you long for a fresh salad, then it 's time for you to take action. "My Mom 's Awesome Cold Frame" is a video that inspires and helps you construct your own easy cold frame. Don 't just dream of fresh greens when you can build your own weather-protected enclosure. Recycle an Old Glass Paneled Door Be eco-friendly and reuse an old glass-paned door as a lid. Build a bottomless wood frame about knee high, and attach the door to serve serve as the lid. If your door-lid is heavy, use sturdy hinges. For windy areas, attach a screen-door hook and an eye-bolt to secure your lid. Add a Pulley System Get out the tools, a pulley and some rope or steel cable. Attach the pulley to a stationary

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