Personal Narrative: A Beautiful Girl

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I have always known I was a beautiful woman. Men of all ages assured me of that ever since I was a teenager. Beauty is my greatest asset and I am not ashamed to show it off to the world. Thanks to my looks, I never have any problems getting the man I want even if I just want him for one night. Of course, most of them insist to get into my soul too but I usually never keep them around long enough. I get bored very fast and I love the excitement of meeting someone new. The only man I never get bored of is my husband Tom.

I met Tom 5 years ago. I was running to catch a taxi and of course some other person got there before me. It was raining and I had no umbrella. Meeting the man that was going to become my husband was the last thing I expected.
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Every time I felt his eyes on me, I wanted to jump on him and ask him to have sex with me right then. Which is what I did eventually. When I saw him going in the coat room, I followed him there. I also told Tom to come in the coat room after ten minutes. I asked him to look at his watch and follow me exactly after ten minutes. He was all excited thinking I am inviting him for sex. Little did he know that I was indeed planning to have sex just not with him. When he got in the coat room he needed a few seconds to recover from the shock. I was under that handsome guy moaning with pleasure. At first, he didn’t know what reaction to have. The guy I was having sex with stopped too. I asked him then to go on. He did, and Tom, instead of getting mad, he got aroused. To my surprise, he loved to watch. He closed the door behind him and grabbed his hard cock with one hand. He was playing with himself while watching his girlfriend being fucked by a stranger. That is when I knew we belonged together. I accepted his marriage proposal the very next day. Our wedding was surprisingly normal. We had our parents there and all our friends.

During our honey moon he let me know that I can pick any man I want. I told him that I wanted to be just with him for a couple of weeks. We needed our time as man and wife before we could invite other people in. I was scared that if we started with that before we were strong enough, we risked to ruin our marriage. We had all the time in the world. I couldn’t had been
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