My Most Dangerous Game-Personal Narrative

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It was a sunny afternoon, Rainsford was having a nice family lunch with his two children, Jack and Eva. They were a small town restaurant called No Regrets in a small town off the coast of California. As they were sitting there eating their sandwiches the door opened and in walked Zaroff. He tramped over to the table with Rainsford and his kids. When he got their Rainsford stood up and stepped in front of his kids. “Long time no see, Rainsford,” announced Zaroff. An enraged Rainsford took a step forward in order to get right in Zaroff’s face, “Theres a reason for that, I thought you were dead?” spat Rainsford with disgust. A smug look settled on Zaroffs face as he responded, “I thought I was suposed to be dead too but I didn’t die the wounds weren 't deep enough or big enough to kill…show more content…
Their are a ton of pirates attacking my island and I honestly have no idea what to do now!” exclaimed Zaroff with worry in his eyes. “Give me one good reason why I should help you after what you did,” screamed Rainsford. As he said this his children tip-toed away to go to their mother who was secretly summoning them over. “Because,” started Zaroff, “I spared your life, I helped you when you first got to my island, and because were both hunter we understand each other. How would you like it if some pirates decided it would be fun to invade on you and your family?” Rainsford groaned as he finally knew what he was going to do. He was going to help Zaroff, not because he felt bad for him but because he too liked his privacy. He also just wanted Zaroff to leave and disappear again. In was surprisingly relaxing after Rainsford survived and arrived home because he told everyone about the tricky man on the island. He contacted every local media outlet as well as national TV and radio stations. He told his gory details of his fight for survival and how he tricked Zaroff into letting him go. As for now people steer clear of the island to save lives and save

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