My Mother: A Short Story

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My mother, the youngest out of all her siblings, embarked on a lonely and harsh voyage from Jalisco, Mexico to California for many months at the age of 18. She told us that the story was very vague because she often got sick from the harsh weather conditions and from walking on bear feet. Sometimes she would even get a lift from a train and a car uncertain where her destination would be until she miraculously ended up in Whittier. Upon her arrival to Whittier she did not take a break, she went straight to a sewing factory to get a job since she had nothing not even a place to stay. After working her way up from learning English to owning a house she had finally made it. She had her own house she worked so hard that calluses were deeply ingrained into her hands almost as if it were part of her. My mother was about 24 years old when she and my father met. They met at a Catholic church, it was here where my father taught my mother how to live with those calluses because he also left the house at the age 18. The only difference was that my father grew up here in Norwalk, California and moved to Whittier, California and my mother crossed millions of miles just to get to where she is. My father worked as a rodbuster or ironworker. My mother soon fell in love with my father since they were both hard working and since they both went through many hardships in their lifes that they wanted to suffer together. My parents did not have a college degree, but they did have a high school
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