My Mother And Father Compare And Contrast Essay

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Most people in the world are different in many ways. In fact, some people say no human being on earth has the same fingerprints. On a similar topic, my parents are different in many ways also. Although my mother and father are different in the ways they act, live life, and discipline children, I love them both. First off, my mother and father differ in the ways they act. My mother is a very out spoken person, and love to gossip. I remember staying after church for hours because my mother would talk to almost everyone. My mother does not bite her tongue, and loves to speak her mind. If my mother felt a person were not trustworthy, she would let me know. On many occasions, my mother told me she did not think my friends were loyal. In spite of the tough love, she was a very friendly woman. My mother loves working with children and telling jokes. When I was …show more content…

Unlike my father, my mother is very strict. When I was a teenager, my mother would punish me for simple mistakes. I remember her spanking my brothers and me for not cleaning the dishes well. One the other hand my father do not believe in spanking children. As a child, I loved going to my father’s house for the weekend; he would let me get away with being disobedient. My father let me do whatever I wanted. Although my father let me do whatever I wanted to do, my mother is very controlling. If my mother said wash the dishes at six o’clock with only hot water, she meant it. She would make me and my brothers come in the house before the street light came on. My mother do not allow any children to be disrespectful towards her. Unlike my mother, my father would give a child a second chance. He would talk to children instead of punishing them. I remember being expelled from middle school; my father and I talked about the problem instead of disagreeing. On the other hand, my mother demands respect, and she spanked me for being expelled from

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