My Mother By Claude Mckay Essay

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In the poems, the author’s explore sacrifice of being a mother and putting their children before themselves. In Claude McKay’s “My Mother”, the author’s mother insisted her son go to work although she was sick. In the poem he states, “And, smiling sadly in the old sweet way, she pointed to the nail where hung my cap. Her eyes said: I shall last another day.” His mother was sick and never knew when her day would come, but instead of her making her son stay with her and miss out on a day’s work she made him go. The world stops for no one, and during this time period people were fleeing north and seeking employment. So, him is missing that one day of work he could have been fired and replaced and his mother knew that. Without a job, he would…show more content…
Motherhood can be a lovely thing, but it is all in what you make it. When being a mother you face hardships up, down, and even sideways, but you must put on your survival cap and do what has to be done for you and your child. When you become a part of motherhood it is not just about yourself anymore, you should think double ways you are now eating and providing for two. Motherhood can be challenging, but only the strong will survive. Motherhood is not a temporary thing for women motherhood begin from the day that child is conceived until separated by death. A woman possesses one of the greatest abilities known to man, the ability to reproduce. The love, affection, and care a mother gives cannot be replicated. Therefor a woman develops an instinct to protect her children, even when they grow older this replicates love, sacrifice, and protection. Day to day many women do things in order to provide for their families. Sacrifice occurs on a daily for mothers and fathers, especially mothers. Being a mother will change the perspective of one’s daily life, outlook on life, life plans, and so much more. This bond that is formed between a mother and child takes a certain type of love, the same blood that runs through the body of that mother is the same blood that flows through the
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