My Mother Is Precious Research Paper

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Precious did not have anyone that supported or showed her love and did not talk to anyone about the events. Instead her mother knowing of the abuse her daughter faced, abused her further. Her mother hated her for something she could not control? This is one of the most astoundingly disgusting things. How can the person who conceived you and is supposed to do anything for you instead despise you for being abused. This made Precious reserved and unmotivated to succeed in life. She was already ignorant and everyone knew it what more was there in life. Her mother reminded her everyday of her worthlessness in the world. A child will believe what they are told and grow up and never forget. Her own family abused her physically and emotionally, no support meant no help with overcoming the trauma and rising above it. A child’s…show more content…
Was this a result of her parents coming from an impoverished background or maybe her mother was also abused and instead of preventing her own child from experiencing the same traumatic event decides to turn a blind eye and instead be oblivious of the abuse occurring in her own home. Her mother picks the man over her own child’s well being and uses it as an excuse. Was her ignorance and lack of education the cause of her actions. Her mother was content with living off welfare and took out all her hatred towards the world on Precious. Precious was forced to eat, clean, and take beatings. If Precious would have felt cared for and been cared maybe she would have fought it. Maybe she would have yelled and screamed because she knew it wasn’t right and she shouldn’t allow it If her mother actually fulfilled her role as a mother, Precious’s father would not have felt so secure in his vile act and never even attempted to violate his daughter. Maybe if she had a bright future to look forward to she would have told somebody afterwards that could have helped. Precious was stupid and that’s all she
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