My Mother Pieced My Quilts Analysis

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A sentimental item can allow one to tie their memories to it once a moment comes to an end, letting them continuously cherish that memory. The item can range from anything a person wants, depending on them and their experiences; such as, the quilts in the short story "Everyday Use" and the poem "My Mother Pieced my Quilts". Both Teresa Acosta and Alice Walker use imagery and figurative language to establish the quilt as the love and respect for both of their family's heritage. In the poem by Acosta, she uses imagery and figurative language to present the quilt as a symbol for her memories and the mother's love for the family. Acosta was illustrating to the reader how the mother sewed the quilt by hand and stated," galloping along the frayed…show more content…
While Dee is asking for the quilts, her mom remembers a time when she offered Dee the quilts before leaving and she replied ," They were old-fashioned, out of style"(Walker 64). This allows the reader to acknowledge that Dee does not fully comprehend the true meaning of the quilts, viewing the quilt as if it was just another object in the world. Later in the story, Maggie becomes upset when Dee was about to take the quilts. The author illustrates Maggie putting snuff in her bottom lip giving ," her face a kind of dopey, hangdog look"(Walker 65). This exemplifies to the readers that through the mother's eyes, Maggie was so extremely upset that Dee was once again going to win by taking the quilts because Maggie truly understands the meaning of the quilts and deserves to not be defeated by Dee. The author also reveals Maggie through her mother's eyes and how she already was going to give Maggie the quilts. While the mom was talking to Dee she fortifies that ,"I promised to give them quilts to Maggie"(Walker 64). This depicts how the mother grasps the fact that Maggie is particularly familiar with the family's heritage and culture that surrounds the meaning of the quilt. The mother believes Maggie recognizes the quilt's importance to the family by it symbolizing the family's heritage and the pride and memories it
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