My Mother: The Most Important Person In My Life

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I know what it 's like to see someone in pain, I know what it 's like to want to help but you can 't. My mom is the most important person in my life, she is like a warrior in my eyes. I want to thank her for everything she had to go through for my sake, my sister, and my two eldest brothers. I was a child when it happened in which I did not understand much at the time. My mom had gotten cancer, I was a child and did not know what that meant at the time but now I know every detail. My mom had gotten cancer in her throat, and the tumor in her throat needed to be surgically removed. She was told that she could get the surgery but there could be complications such as dying or if making it through the process not being able to speak. This was the first time they had done this kind of surgery in New Mexico in which it was a huge risk to take. But in the end, my mom chose hesitantly to make that choice.she chose this since she did not want to leave her four kids behind since she was and is a single mother. At the time she was also pregnant, she was told that the baby would not be born and would die in the delivery room. This was because even though my mother had an IUD she still got pregnant in which if they tried to take it out now the child could die. My mom was faced with a decision to abort the child or hope for a miracle that it would live. My mother 's mom was very cruel and told her to abort the child since she and the baby were going to die anyway. My mother when finding

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