My Mother's Death: A Personal Narrative

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My whole family saw it coming, but we didn 't think it all come at once. My aunt had the same illness twice, and the second did the killing. She didn 't come around much because she didnt want the family to see her. Her illness made her weak and frail, and it was sad to see because she has always been a very strong women. We got the phone call, and i knew instantly what it was. I remember the day so vividly. I was woken up from my nap by my sister who was running up the stairs crying. It was Martin Luther King Jr day, so we had the day off. My sister ran into my room crying, and i knew. “Aunt Cindy passed away.” she said. She handed me the phone, and I remember crying on the phone with my mom. We sat there in silence for a few. “Are you okay?,” she said. I said yes, even though it really wasn’t okay.…show more content…
Then it was discovered on her liver in two spots. It was like a living thing that fed off her liver. It took her liver blood supply and basically killed her liver. The tumors were located in an area that made it impossible to operate on her. Her death hit me hard. I remember crying at school the next day, and the whole week. Her funeral was a week after her death. She passed January 18, 2015 at about 10:30am at the age of forty-eight. She felt tired and as weak as a flower petal, so she went to sleep in her chair and just stopped breathing. She was in pain everyday, and still never complained. She always had that huge smile on her face because she wanted everyone around her to be happy. My law of life is to stay close to family, even through rough times because you never know what could
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