Personal Narrative: My Grandparents In My Life

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Growing up in a suburban neighborhood, my grandparents played a vital role in my life. Due to them living a close proximity to our house, they would often visit at least once a week. Furthermore, my grandparents would always be able to drive my brother and I to various destinations whenever my parents weren’t around. Marie and Bob were great role models for me, leading me in the catholic faith as well as helping me focus in school. They spoiled me with overpriced birthday presents and expensive ice cream treats, and I never realized how quickly I began to take their overwhelming love for granted. My grandmother Marie was amazingly fit, and I spent a lot of time throwing a football in the backyard with her, or playing some ping pong. She was a superior athlete for her age, and I loved to play sports with her. My grandfather Bob was a businessman, who volunteered for his local parish. He was an outgoing and caring man, who tried to always teach me the values of giving back. I was so accustomed to having both of them in my life all the time, so when Bob became dangerously ill, I didn’t know to react. Granted, I was only thirteen at the time, but little did I know that I would soon lose my grandfather. Sitting in…show more content…
Although the procession is quite long every year, I force myself to never let my mind wander onto thoughts such as “what time is it?” I stay focused and attentive, and that focus is something I have tried to carry over in the classroom. When I reminisce on times where I would impatiently rush through my homework, declining help from my grandparents, I feel ashamed. Although I have always known their love for me, I had never fully expressed my love for my grandfather. Now, I treat my grandmother with the utmost respect and attention, and cherish every conversation I have with her. No one can change the past, but you can let the past change
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